Caught full FEELS for my sex bud... Do I tell him or what? How without sounding so serious & scaring him away?

Soo here I am, completely unexpectedly caught feelings for a guy I originally just wanted a one nighter with. We met a month and a half ago online then in person; we live an hour away unless I am at home from college (then like 10 min). We both are juniors in college. We hang & have sex (3 times so far). We small talk, so I don't know him in a deep level but I WANT to. He's the first dude I ever hooked up with before dating. I wanted to have fun. I rejected his initial efforts to take me on a date and get to know me bc I only wanted to fuck. Now, I only want him & I want to be around him 24/7. Which is so rare for me to even feel. He's not even my classic "type" so I feel so caught off guard.

I may be seeing him this weekend. The problem is, ever since his athletic season has started (he's a huge ahtlete) and his 2nd semester, he's had no free time. He is extremely busy. And he only contacts me when he has a free weekend. I have tried to initiate to hang out besides sex recently and he ignored me efforts. I don't know why or where he stands, but we have both agreed if we are free this weekend we will see each other.
I've tried texting this (I met and made out with a couple other guys) but that only made me miss him more and realize how special our connection (sexual compatibility anyways) is. I want to find out who he is besides that though.

Guys... What do I do? I have never been in this situation before?


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  • Yeah sounds to me he isn't ready for a relationship.
    Move on before you get hurt.
    Trust me its for the better.

  • Right sweetie I am going to ask some questions and I want you to answer truthfully.

    When you two are intimate, are you and him passionate? I. e. kissing, close body language etc.

    Has he asked you out on a date? (Nothing serious, like the movies?)

    Do you stay round his and his round yours after the sex?

    And finally...

    When you two are out in public do you sometimes catch him in the corner of your eye teying to hold your hand and looking at you when he thinks your not looking?

    • Yes, very passionate... That's why I'm so hooked on him.

      The first time we met, he suggested dinner and for me to stay the night but I declined (since I didn't want anything serious).

      And we talk for like a half hour afterwards and then I leave.

      We aren't ever in public together because we only met at his apartment that he shares with his friends.

    • Sounds to me you need to be strong with this hit the nail on the head and tell him he probably will be taken by surprise but if he cares about you he will consider your feelings and tell you how he feels because this can go two ways. 1. He might be distant because he feels the same way or 2. And this might sound harsh but you might just be a booty call and sweetie you deserve more than that.

      All i am saying is think about yourself and less of him because you will be the getting hurt if he doesn't feel the same way.