Working away while dating?

I've recently met this girl who i really like and she seems to like me too. We've been on 2 dates now. But there's a really big worry for me. I could possibly be working away a fair bit this year work has been slack since Christmas but there is apparently work coming through now which will involve working away for maybe a week in one go. I'm not sure how this is going to affect me and this girl dating. I'm 20 and she's 18. But i dont want us to let things get far if me working away os going to leave the relationship going nowhere. Is it best to talk to her about it the next time i see her?


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  • Well yes you do otherwise she is going to find out from someone else and not you and that will hurt her feelings. Like you said you think she likes you back so be truthful to her and she will respect you for it. Girls hate pussyfooting and if you want to have realations with this girl bad move is keeping secrets from her thats when the trust goes and also you have have to think about yourself you have been on 2 dates so how do you know if your serious? So yes you need to have a talk with her. Sorry if I am being strict but as a fellow female I would want that especailly if its a guy I like.

    • Hi no its fine i wanted an honest answer thank you for that. I just wondered if it was too early after just 2 dates

    • You never know if you dont try. If you like this girl and you got to know her better going on these dates and you feel like she understands you then its best to have a talk just dont think of the negatives thoughts on how this conversation will go think of the positives aswell :)

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