How often do you see a couple with one person more attractive than the other?

I've noticed that whenever you see a couple together, I've never seen where one of them was way more attractive than the other person. I've always felt like they were similar in their level of attractiveness. I have had people show me couples that they THINK are like that and I'm just like "no. I could see them together. I don't think she's too good looking for him" My friend told me the other day that he feels like the girls I'm pursuing is way to attractive and to lower my standards. I mean i don't think I'm like fugly lol. But he's like you're going for dimes when you're not a dime. Yeah that's harsh to say but it's the truth. You don't see a 5 foot 10, 200 pound beer gut dude with a short cute skinny/fit brunette girl or a semi bigger girl ( I don't mean fat) with clean shaved muscular dude. I don't know. Maybe I'm pursuing girls that are out of my league? I mean I'm like 5'11, 175lbs and muscular. I don't know about my face though. And no matter how ripped or muscular and fit you are, if your face isn't nice, you're not gonna be attractive. And even if your personality is nice, it's not gonna work out either. Because there needs to be an initial spark. You don't go to a bar and say "wow that guy (or girl) over there that I've never talked to has SUCH an amazing personality. Can't WAIT to talk to that person and maybe date him or her." It's always "wow he or she is cute! Now let me find out what kinda person they are." Thoughts?

Oh by the way, I wanna clarify, I'm not talking about celebrities or rich dudes with model girlfriend or wives. I'm talking about your everyday couple you see at work or church or parties or whatever.


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  • I think my wife is out of my league. I joke about it a lot that she got the short end of the stick. I do think their are some relationship like that where some are more attractive than the other, but I think its less frequent than what people think.

    • Lol you may feel that way but I guarantee you that if you showed me a picture of you and your wife, I won't think that.

  • This happens on a regular basis. Ugly girls like krasavchikov. Beautiful looking diversified personality rather than beauty.