Why does a guy who obviously doesn't want to date me purposely put himeself in situations where I am?

I hooked up with this guy twice...both times we were both drunk...the first time he never spoke w/me after the fact. Then we ran into each other one drunken night and we hooked up again...and since then have not really spoken. Hey, I;m a big girl..it was purely sex...I was and am fine with that. But why does he have to be such an ass and not even talk? But, yet he intentionally let's me know he is around...it is obvious he wants me to see him...but yet he won't really talk to me...what is up with that? He has a girlfriend now...so, why flaunt himself in front of me? I barely can even say Hi anymore...I used to smile and was very friendly...but he was such an ass I stopped being so friendly and now this? what is his deal?


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  • he's an asshole. you met an asshole. his girlfriend probably doesn't know you hooked up.

    if counselling helps, go for it.

    the thing is, know for next time, get to know a guy better. there are a lot of jerks out there who just want to use a girl for sex. then they cheat on their girlfriend with the girl they hurt or try to hurt.

    i heard of my friend in the same situation.

    they didn't have sex but she found out about him right away and his parents even agreed that what he did was 'right'. sh*t.

    • Yes..you are right, he is an ass....as far as the girlfriend goes, he didn't have one each time we hooked up.

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  • because you were F buddies. or when he is making his presancde known he probally wants to hook up again


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  • He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants you to know that he is there if you want to hook up. Because you two have already hooked up twice-then that's his expectation of what's to come. He doesn't talk much to you because he probably doesn't feel the need to. You two weren't really friends to begin with so its alreayd unnatural for you two to have a ton to talk about and you two were mainly just friends with benefits and fwb's don't talk much or do anything but fool around so he probably sees no need to maintain the super friendliness

    • Thanks for the input...it is always nice to get someone elses perspective.

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