Anybody else didn't date in college?

When I was in college I didn't date at all. I had women interested in me but college aged girls just didn't interest me much at all. They'd invite me to parties but I would decline. Also, I'm introverted and don't really trust people. Overall, I'm just not a big fan of dating period. Was anybody else like this?


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  • I just dated the one guy for two years. After that, I didn't date (didn't date much in high school, either). I'm a bit of an introvert that doesn't like to party.


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  • College girls strike me as untrusthworty (total stereotype) because they appear to want and love attention (and will never outwardly give it), yet there's a high chance she's one of the following:

    1. Crushing/Dating/In relationship
    2. Prohibited by family/religion
    3. Living in an ideal world waiting for STEM stud.
    4. Not interested in average guys when she can do better by virtue of being young and in prime.
    5. Getting offers from guys 10-20 years older to pay for her lifestyle. The gold is addicting.
    6. She's so busy, and you're not worth it.

    It's way too much risk with too many unknown variables to stop a random attractive girl and get to know her. Especially with college aged girls. I've already missed a few and realized that approaching these girls only contributes to this imbalanced culture where guys have no immaterial bargaining power. So I don't.

    And in the final semester of my program, I encounter a highly intelligent, extroverted geek girl that actually likes me. There's a chance I might date after all, in spite of everything just said.


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  • Me cuz our collage is not Mixed (girl seprated from guys)


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  • I'm still in college, more like back in college. I have not and I don't think I would actually ever "date" any girl. Well only time will tell. But I figured that maybe I really shouldn't make a big deal about "dating" or try and turn it into anything serious or committed BUT rather just treat it as a let's go hang out, do something fun, go grab a bite or two or a drink or two and it doesn't even have to be liquor, kind of thing. it's still easier to go in a group or hang out with a group of people, etc., than compared to courting or asking out some girl on campus.

    But that's all I would treat it as, if and when and if I even bother to attempt to, as I don't really see myself married to anyone some day with children, etc. and beside I still have shit tons of assignments and studying to deal with and my life is hardly in order right now.

  • I'm such a brake = (