How to win back my love from her rebound?

Ex off 3 years always text me at late hours.

We we broke up in December she got a new boyfriend 2 weeks later.
I went NC for a month then she reached out to me twice in 4 days. Twice through calling twice through text.
After that I went back NC she reached out 2 weeks through calling but I missed it. She called me again a week later, early in the morning but was asleep, but later that night she texted me and we talked. Nothing about a relationship just life.

My question is if she's in a relationship why does she try and contact me so much.

she told everybody I wasn't a good boyfriend, which was a lie but I know that's just how people feel better.

Itll be nice to have her back when time is right, it just seems she's not their emotional.

Best at advice on how to proceed to win her back.


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  • She's not getting something from him that she needs in a relationship. That doesn't mean she truly wants you. Just using you for the attention.


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