Why didn't my crush reply to me? Please help?

So a couple of hours ago, I texted her, ''Hey! We're (NYPIRG) are in TH 105 right now if you can make it! If not, its fine, no worries. Sorry for the late notice - I didn't find out until just now myself''

I mean, she's very receptive with me in person and she responded to my texts last time and told me she couldn't come to another school event a while back when I invited her, so I don't get why not for this instance.

We both have iPhones and she has her read receipts on, so that's how I know she saw it. We're in college, in the same school, both working for NYPIRG (this organization that protests for things like climate change and stopping tuition hikes).

I mean, I guess she could have been just like, ''What?'' because it was such short notice, but your thoughts about this, honestly?


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  • If i got a text like that, I would assume that you were after a booty call. If you had text her prior saying something like... hey, looks like we are heading out but not sure where yet, you keen for a catch up? i can text ya when we get wherever were going... You may well have got a response from her. And this whole.. if not, its fine, no worries... comment, would kinda make a girl feel un-important as it appears you dont really care if she turned up or not...

    • And you wouldn't reply to a text like the one I sent?

    • Personally, yes, I would, but thats just manners and I am a woman in her 40's. People your age live life very differently and the internet and text have made things so easy to just not reply as you do not have to deal with the person on the other end of the line or standing in front of you...

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