We had an argument. Should I still wish him a Happy B-Day?

He was mad at me two days ago because I couldn't see him. I've been canceling a lot on him lately because of school, internship, and work. We had not texted each other for two days now and today is his b-day. I've told him several times i feel it is best he find someone who can give him tine even as much i love him. And knowing how he use to have a past of sleeping around... i wouldn't be surpruse if he has as much as he doesn't see me quite often. He's 34 and eeady to settle he says but I don't know.. as attractive and outgoing that he is. Should i stil wish him one? Valentines day he didn't contact me, although we're not in a relationship and is comp eith each other since we want diff things.

I mean 4 days ago... not 2.
Anyone? ?


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  • It's ok to if you want but you didn't even on Valentine's Day though

    • Is been 4 days since we've spoken, not 2 sry, and todays his b-day.

    • Just wish him one anyway, can't hurt, doesn't have to mean much, strangers will even do that at least

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