Do I walk away after 4 months?


I've been dating a guy near 4 months.

Things are going well but there's a but:

Background quick version: He told me he just got out of a relationship (a few months) before he met me, was long term, he broke it off she wanted a baby etc he didn't (he's 25)

Well after a few weeks of dating, he says he didn't think he wanted a rel until he met me, I enjoyed our dates and was thinking ok - let's see where this goes.

4 months later as much as I like him, he calls, he texts, we only see each other once a week. He lives about 50 mins away. We meet through week for date nights, occasionally, but most on weekends.

I've met his friends, but not his family, Jur feels we could see each other more. I have zero reason to believe that he is cheating, has someone else, (can never be 100%) I feel as though im at arms length with him even though he's acting boyfriendy we don't have the "label." I haven't really been with anyone who hasn't been pretty quick to call me their girlfriend before.

he's really sweet, just feel like his past relationship has made him
cautious. But as much as I like him, I don't want him to think I'm going to make do with arms length when it comes to seeing each other. I would be doing myself a dis service to be happy with that.

How long do do I wait? Really don't want to walk away but I will.

if he doesn't want us to be boyfriend + girlfriend or that is too scary or comitmenty or he is confused - do i walk now to save pain? He acts like boyfriend do it's very very frustrating. Thanks xx


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  • 4 months isn't that long. Meeting the fam is a big deal.

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