Unsure if guy friend really only wants to be friends?

I have been living with a guy friend for several months. When we first moved in together he wanted to also date, but I was not interested. I have since decided that I would like to date but he says he doesn't want to. At times he says it's because he doesn't want to hurt me, other times says just not interested in me, and other times says not wanting to date anyone. But at the same time he is flirting and teasing me, we spend all our free time together, and he makes references to things that you would say to someone you were in a relationship with, not as a friend. Im so confused be his conflicting words and actions. Can't figure out if he is just playing games, or if he really wants more but is afraid to make that move. Im getting really exhausted by it all, and want to give up even on the friendship. But it would really hurt to give up on it all if the issue really was just that he is afraid to that chance. He is not one to open up and talk about serious issues so that's another thing that makes it very difficult to figure things out.


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  • I think he doesn't even know how he feels

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