5 days later, why haven't I heard from him?

So I met this guy a couple of weeks ago. We talked for a while and exchanged numbers and the next day he texted me saying how he enjoyed talking to me, etc. We met on a Thursday night and texted throughout the weekend. That Monday, he asked if I'd like to get dinner with him on Weds, which I happily agreed to.

Dinner went great; we talked for three hours and made each other laugh and got to know each other better. At the end of the night he gave me a kiss before I got in my uber, then once I was home he said he had a great time and wanted to know if I'd like to go out again sometime. I said of course and he was glad we were on the same page. No specific day was chosen though.

That Thursday we texted throughout the day. On Friday I didn't hear from him during the day because I knew things were busy at work for him, but he texted me that night and asked what I was up to that weekend. I told him I had been feeling sick and was probably gonna lay low that night. I asked what his plans were for the night and he said he wasn't sure cuz his friend was supposed to come into town but couldn't make it. I then jokingly asked if he was going to watch The Bachelor (his roommate watches it and he always talked about how he'd grudgingly watch with him). He didn't respond that night. I figured he had plans so I didn't think much of his not responding.

The next day, Saturday, he didn't text me again. This was the first time we'd gone a full day without texting. By Sunday night I was concerned why I hadn't heard from him, so I asked how his weekend was going. It's now Wednesday and he has yet to respond or say anything to me. I have no idea what happened? He always seemed happy to talk with me, then poof, nothing. He doesn't have my email and I don't have any social media accounts so texting is the lone way he can get in touch. What could I have done wrong?


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  • did you try to contact him? if so what methods? are you sure he got your message?


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