Clash of beliefs?

Just curious for people's opinions, just started dating a lady, amazing fun..
Now belief wise, I'm catholic, raised in Catholic schools, believe in god/satan and live my life just trying to do more good than bad. I have my faults, I wouldn't say I was close to being a saint either, far from it in truth...
Now started dating a lady heavily into divination ie psychic readings/powers, tarot, New age crystals, fortune telling... though she's amazing
This is a borderline deal breaker for me 50/50 easily, any advice?
Anyone been in a similar spot?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Are you seriously letting that determine your relationship? If you want to be with her then be with her.

    • Yes, it's different values,
      It's fair enough that's that what I want, there is plenty of people out there, so why not have high standards

What Guys Said 1

  • As someone raised Catholic, and that practiced Catholicism for many year, I understand your trepidation. Personally I find that a lot of the spiritualist and new age stuff is quite interesting. I think maybe you should just talk to her about it, and find similarities in your philosophies. Your core beliefs may be different, but both speak of love and kindness, and treating others well. She may believe in Karma, and the energy of the Universe, and Crystal healing, and you think all that is strange, but a lot of those new age things are actually ancient practices that were practiced by Jews and early Christians before the unification of the Catholic faith. So the basic ideas are there. The language is just different. The energy of the Universe for example, is just another way of saying God. Crystal healing and reiki, and similar new age healing techniques, are the same as faith healing, and praying for health. It's all just about angle and perspective. If you're both open to each others ideas, I think Catholicism is fairly compatible with New Age. Give it and her a chance. You might be magic together, because of your differences in belief.

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