Guys, Do guys like compliments?

I compliment this guy every day like he has a low self esteem so I'll tell him he's attractive and that he has a great personality, or something like your hair looks good today stuff like that what would a guy think of a girl like that


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  • Yes everyone loves compliments.

    He would either think she's into him, or she's nice, or she pity's him.

    • But would it make him more attracted to me if I compliment him

    • It depends, it really does. If he is that insecure and views you as way out of your league, he may shrug it off as merely you being polite to boost his ego, or you're pitying him.

      Or he will think you're lying if he's that insecure.

      I had a girl compliment me a lot in math class, started off with my shoes, then my hair, then saying I had pretty eyes. I thought she was being nice till she slipped me a note that said she thought I was cute. Same with anther girl if you've ever had to write Valentine's or say something nice about someone in high school.

      She had complimented me saying I was smart, shrugged it off since I am kind of a loner, then it was you're really smart and cute on the Valentine's thing.

      Some people are slow to signals, I was, Iv'e gotten tons better. You just gotta throw out other signs to steer him in that direction if you like him romantically, which it sounds like you do.

  • yes we do
    Everyone does I think

  • Yes, I love them but I wish women would give them out for once in their life. I don't see why it is so hard for women to compliment men, the thing is they then demand compliments from men to them. The thing is on top of this many women also do all the anti men stuff. I mean not all women are like this but most are. :(

    • But in my case what do u think a guy would think of me would it make me more attractive if I sincerely complimented him?

    • He would probably like it I would think.

    • I think it would make you look more attractive to the guy.