Does this guy like me? Should I reach out and friend him?

So I worked with this kid and on his first few days everytime he'd see me he'd say hi even if I just gave him a polite smile. Then one time we were on break together and he caught me looking at him and was smiling still. I think he seems nice and he is super cute, so I found him on Facebook. Should I add him? Does he even like me? I don't want to seem creepy. All advice is great, thanks.


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  • I feel like if you work with him you should talk to him first before adding him randomly on facebook. He may like you, but the only way to know for sure is to talk to him and find out :)

    • My fault I should of been more clear but we used to work together... he got fired so I can't talk to him.

    • Oh! Well you can try facebook then if you do not see him regularly. It might work out or not, but you would have tried. I have no idea if he likes you though sorry :/

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