Should I keep trying?

Ok so there's this sophmore at school (im a jr) she's really nice and i think she's super pretty i mesaged her and then she ended up telling me i was cute thats good right i told her she was cute as well and then we just kept talking i asked her out 2 times the first she said her parents didn't let her it was a Sunday by the way and she said ohh if wecant go Sunday we will jist go Tuesday thats great right? She gave another potential day instead, we both seemed to have forgotten ok same week now its Monday she toldme Sunday night that she really wanted to watch deadpool and im like ohh thats great we could just go there then i asked around what time she wanted to go she said around 2 great till here i message her. Monday morning around 10 am and she doesn't respond until 24 hours later after i saw her at school, she smiled at me and everything. Now today Wednesday she didn't go to school i had boughten her spme starburst she loves candy and gave them to her sister to gove to her everythings great and then. i asked her. of she. got them and she told me "your so sweet thank you <3" we talked for a little more i say "goodnight sweet dreams <3" but she just responds with a "good night :)" should i keep trying to talk to her or mpve on?


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  • Good night :) is good enough. Don't be the kind of person who makes a mountain out of a mole hill.

    I'm not sure right now. If you asked her to go out Sunday for later that same Sunday and she said no, then I can understand that. It's strange that you claim she and you both forgot that you had a date set for Tuesday. That's a red flag for both of you.

    Again, if I interpreted what you wrote correctly, another time that you asked her out you messaged her and she ignored the message and didn't respond until after you ran into her at school and the date had already passed. If I've got that right, that's the second red flag.

    If you really like her, I guess that you could give it one more try, but if she misses again, I'd back off if I were you unless you're a masochist.


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