Telling mom about long distance?

I'm going into 6months with a guy I met online. He loves on the west coast, I live on the east. We want to see each other but I haven't told my mom about him yet. He's my longest relationship and he would be the first guy to meet my mom. We're both going to be 18 and are graduating highschool this year. But he needs a place to stay when he comes. Tbh I don't if my mom would let him stay over, how do I tell her about him? And how can I convince her to let him stay over during the visit?

He lives on the west coast *


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  • "He loves on the west coast"

    And you don't have an issue with that? :-D

    Damn, this site needs an edit option. ;-)

    • *live
      Lol I honestly didn't notice that

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    • It made for a good laugh to end the night. :-) As for his arrangements when visiting, he'll either need a motel room, a friend of yours to agree he can stay with them, or you need to get your mother to know him online before he arrives. But I wouldn't hold my breath about that. I don't know how your mother would react to finding out.

    • I don't know how long he would plan on staying, so a hotel would cost too much. I just want to see him before he goes to the marines corps

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