My bestfriend caught feelings for me and I like her too but she says she wants to stay friends why is that?

I have a really good friends it's those friendship where you're like lovers but just friends everybody assumes me and her are dating or we like each other and should date I sort of liked her but ignored and saw that being friends would be better I found out she had a crush on me the whole time and I gave in to my feelings for her I asked her out but she says she wants to just stay friends I don't know why she would say this she even gave me a kiss on Valentine's day but still she insist we stay friends this was last year now me and her don't talk as much anymore she never texts me or calls me anymore either but this is probably my fault for cutting her off first now I text her every now and then we still talk like old friends joke around and stay up late at night just talking about life she is dating someone and so am I just a few days ago me and her hung out again just me and her we talked about how things been since she asked me about my relationship and all she didn't say anything about her's so I stayed quiet about it and I still feel like there is a spark there for sure but I don't know if I'll ever have a chance with her it's always a 50 50 and what would you recommend I am dating someone and I don't want to be a cheater I don't plan on trying to get with her anytime soon but what should I do about her


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  • Let time pass by if u feal like she is starting to get stronger feelings just let your girlfriend know what is going on if your girl cares about you she will understand and she might have wanted to stay friends because she didn't want to ruin the friendship you guys have usually when friendship turns into the relationship it's hard to be the same where you were when you in the friendship stage


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