When should you tell a girl about your freakish dingy?

If you have a freakishly long unit, like 14 inches. And you've never been a weirdo about it. More like terribly self conscious. Assuming she hasn't already somehow noticed, when or how do you tell your serious girlfriend? Or do you let her find out as a surprise and risk her rejecting you?

  • Let it be a surprise for the first time!
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  • Tell her in a mature way before.
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  • Tell her in a joking way before.
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  • Don't know
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell her in a mature way before. Despite the image porn puts out, many women will not enjoy a 14 inch long penis. They will find it to be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. They may not even be able to enjoy sex or reach a climax. I know a married couple who can't have a regular sex life because his penis is too big and he physically causes her pain. I think he caused tearing down there one time. He has to wear this weird ring thing around his penis to keep it from going inside too deep.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you guys are making out and she feels your pants she will be able to tell through your pants


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  • I like the looks on their faces when they see it. If you have to ask that question, you don't have one.