Cold Approaching vs Online dating?

I always thought online dating is an easy shit, until been playing it for a year+, i realized the girls are ain't serious dealing with strangers online. Some of them, like in tinder, you can chat them with passion, but suddenly they disappeared, or switch to whatsapp conversing, seen your msgs don't wanna talk to you.

I started to love cold approaching since started 2016, at least i received instant feedback from her face whether she's shy and uncomfortable to talk or not (honestly, i still suck at being in that flirty fun vibe on that 30 seconds, but im practicing), i don't need to be headache waiting for msgs to be replied on the internet approval seeking so much!

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  • if only they would reject you in the dating sites. they don´t... they either text you back, leading you on and shit or they never answer.

    in 5 years of online dating i´ve not gotten a single "sorry i´m not interested".

    • They will not tell it frankly, ''sorry, im not interested.''
      Leading you on, i feel 'fuck it...' delete their whatsapp no. after moving from tinder

    • tinder for me personally had no value. 100% of the girls who texted me where some scam bots, trying to get me signed into some pay to use dating site.

      now other dating sites worked pretty "ok" for me. ok as in 4 dates within the 5 years i´m on there.

  • I always wondered, and it may seem like I'm a loser, but is approaching women in real life so much better? because I'll be honest my confidence is crappy. and I get petrified by even thinking about it.

    • You can instantly know whether a girl is interested at you, instant date, making connection, escalate later.. it's much easier if you don't have time for online dating. Plus, it makes you more confident hitting on girls as time goes by