If you had all the sources and money, what would be your ideal date?

If i had all the money and sources;
location;big city (ex. Paris, NY, London etc...-
-Id pick a girl by 6 or 7, depens on her taste id dress either street classic or just street.
-Id pick her up in an old school car
-We would go and eat in some pizza tent
-id walk with her around town, perhaps even window shop
-id visit some lunapark or gamecenter to, just cause it is way too much lmao
-go and drink a few again
-than go around town in my old school again, and pop some champagne from underneath the chair :p
-play some music and chill, we could even go to a neighbourhood bar with a karoake machine :p

Id really keep a date simple and playful, and have the girl as much fun as possible

What about yall?


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  • i wouldn't pay a single penny for a woman even if i were bill gates. if she were my wife i'd buy her a gift or a night out once in a while.. but a complete or semi-stranger? no way.

    • lmao
      Got to cherish a women man
      Without women, you wouldn't even exist
      They are what makes the world go around

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    • and yes beta white knights like you are really irritating. you make the world a shittier place and spoil women into thinking they are princesses just because they have a vagina between their legs... .

    • no i dont lmao
      I aspire to make myself rich through money and KNOWLEDGE.
      If I choose to spend money a women i love, than i do so

      People your age calling other people betas , while they behave like 12yr old fuccbois are irritating. I had succes my ways, cause im different and do whatever the hell i want.
      The only money I've ever given to women was knowledge, and on the long term it lasted longer.
      Plus its my right to shower a girl with my love and belongings, no its a CHOICE

  • ... i will travel around the world

    • for your first date? srs :p