Girls, Going on a holiday with her but I do not know what is on her mind?

Hi all, I met this girl a year back and we live in different continents. She knows I like her and I have traveled to meet her 4 times the past year. We do kiss and hug when we meet and she spends most of her time with me when I'm with her.

As she was not in a good financial position, I have volunteered paying her rental the past few months. She was always thankful.

Recently I felt that she was a little aloof. Tho we still contact everyday, I felt that she seems bored. I felt that the relationship seems one sided. She rarely ask me what am I up to.

Two weeks before Valentine's Day I was a little drunk and I said something about us not seeing a future together as we live miles apart and it has been quite draining. She took it badly and said that she does not know what to take of it n said that if I do not want to persevere it's ok for her too. I did apologized the next day but things have gone cold. I did not initialized contact n neither did her. A week later things seems to be normal.

When I transferred money to her on Valentine's Day, she said that she feels bad taking my money. it was the first time she mentioned it. she says we are not in a relationship and that she was not my girlfriend, why am I giving her money.

she says I am too nice to her and that she is pressured and doesn't know how to repay me. I told her I do not need your repayment that I just want her to be happy. I told her that if she feels bad, I will stop helping, in which she says it's ok.

we had plans to travel in March. she asked me yesterday if I still want to go which I said I'm ok. I asked her if she wants to go and her reply was "she will not back out on a promise" and that since the tickets already bought, that she will go. I told her please do not go if you felt obligated and against her will.. she said ok..

my question is was she ever interested? shoik I go on the trip?

I really feel like backin

should I back out from the trip?


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  • Look buddy, let me drop some knowledge on you.

    Never ever ever give woman money, unless she's your mom or your wife of 20+ years.

    You need to stop sending her money, pronto!

    • yup.. noted on that..

      just that she was in a financial situation which I offered to help..

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    • I dont think you should do it. I think you deserve someone whos into you just as much as you're into them.

    • thanks for the advice kind sir.. I feel like confronting her and asking her where we stand.. but that will come off as too needy.

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