It normal to feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders after someone ends it with you?

I was upset for about 5 minutes and now I'm relieved. I mean he wasn't a bad guy, we just weren't compatible.

I always feel quite stifled when it comes to dating. I'm so used to being by myself that when it comes to fitting someone into my schedule, I struggle. At the same time I have the urge to meet new people, it's weird.

Anyone else feel the same?


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  • Yes always :)
    I dont like argues, after break up i feel myself fresh like newborn baby :)

    • Ahh I'm glad it's not just me. I feel motivated to do so many things today for some reason.

    • No not just you :) im like you, be happy.
      Life sometimes better without love :)

    • Thank you :)

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