Is my ex playing games?

My ex and I have been broken up for about 6 months now. He ended it because he said he needed to get his career started and focus on himself but he would still like to be friends for now and maybe in the future we can build on the friendship. In the beginning I said maybe we could be friends at a later time but not now. He agreed but a month later he texted me on Thanksgiving and the day after he wanted to see me. We met up at a mutual friends party and saw each other once more the next month, texting everyday between. I asked him what he wanted and he gave me the same answer as before so I cut him off again because I couldn't take the flirting. Fast forward to January and he starts this whole thing up again texting friendly conversation everyday. Seeing each other at a party, him flirting and touching and following me around it a week before Valentine's Day. His brother and brother's girlfriend were there too and extremely happy to see me. We talked the entire week of but he didn't text me on Vday and texted me the next day. Does he just see me as a friend? I've made it clear that I won't be sleeping with him. Why is he still trying so hard to stay in contact and be friends? And as far as I know, he's not dating anyone. However he is attractive so I'm sure he's not lonely either.


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  • Maybe he still wants to be with you because he's use to it and has a lot of history with you. He only wants you maybe. He might not want to go through life everyday without you I don't know