Makes plans but then never texts?

Hey i have been hanging out with this guy for about 6 months now. We always go for a drink and we're flirty, etc. He's my brother's work colleague and I met him on one of their work nights out. I'm not sure if it's in a dating/dater way, or we're just friends? He's told me I'm very attractive and we've had a few drunken things. Either way recently he's been initiating plans to go for a drink, a meal, a gig, etc., asked me to go the theatre. I've said I'd go for dinner yesterday and lunch the week before and it was all planned, but then he just never text? I felt kinda weird texting him first because he made the plan and I figured he didn't want to do it anymore? I'm not pissed off that we didn't go, it's more that he made a plan and then didn't tell me he wanted to cancel - like I would have been cool with it if he told me he couldn't or didn't want to go. Why did he make plans and not do them? Doesn't he like me anymore?


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  • i rarely text. not never but rarely.


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