Wtf is going on with my gf?

I've been with a girl going on 2 months she's out of a 3 year relationship, we dated 2 weeks after their break up.

for the past 3 days she's been texting her ex. Like texting him about how she loves him, always thought they was meant for each other, calling him best friend, my love.

She did not talk to him for a 1.5 months now all of sudden she's talking to him.



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  • She's probably trying to rekindle things with him. You said so yourself you dated two weeks after their break up. Hate to say it but you're a rebound.

  • She obviously wants to get back with him. No other reason for that behavior. Looks like your being kept around as an option. Sorry.

    • She said she didn't want him back, she just wants closure from him

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    • How can you not see your being used... drop her and on to someone whose not chasing their ex!

    • She's always with me 24/7. Her actions shows she wants me, words don't mean anything

What Guys Said 1

  • She miss his dick XD. Cut her off bro.

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