He didn't say goodnight?

He's left for uni 3 hours away.
He still asked how my day was & he told me that he missed me when he was out but he never said goodnight.
He was out with everyone at the pub & in the snapchats my friends sent looked like he was having a great time but when we were on holidays & he was at home for 4 months we said goodnight every night, even when he was out he would ring afterwards or something. I understand that it's a completely different situation and i'm really happy for him but it hasn't even been a day & i'm already feeling forgotten.


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  • Loosen up and quit being so damn clingy! Oh god he hasn't said goodnight. Your world is falling apart. What will you do? You do whatever the hell you want! You are a person therfore your life shouldn't revolve around a single word that wasn't spoken. If you don't take a chill pill you will make him run away as fast as possible because nothing makes a guy go ew more than a clingy girl. So please quit being so desperate for attention and find something to do to ocupy yourself.

    • You're basing this on one thing. I am not a clingy girl. I literally will not talk to him all day, barely see him etc. but i have always known he is there even if we don't talk because he will say goodnight. If i was clingy i would talk to him 24/7 & care about what he is doing or whatever but i don't i was just asking because i'm scared that our non-frequent communication will slowly get less & less. For god's sake if you think what i do is clingy then good luck & prepare for all those actually clingy girls

    • I can't believe you just said that this isn't clingy behavior... I tried helping but oh well.

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