How do I move on past a girl who I really like, but only sees me as a friend?

Long story short, I really like this girl. Made it quite obvious, always told her I cared (bc I truly do), did whatever I could for her (becuase I cared about her, not bc I wanted something in return). Well, for a while, I thought she felt the same. She still flirts with me and so on, but I am usually the one to initate texts, and so on. I asked her out, and to be my valentine and she said she was taken. Found out she and another guy were having it. We texted all of V-day, joking around and so on. She said she "rejected" him when he asked her on a date. Next day, she flirts with me, jokes with me, teases me, and then I still see the two of them talking and walking to classes together. They are not "dating" but its pretty much gonna happen. I really like her, but I need to move forward. I'm still a good guy, and don't want to be an asshole to her since it seems she just doesn't feel the same about me. Any ideas? Any thoughts? Stop texting her for a bit?


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  • You need to stop bieng a nice guy and be and alpha male and push things foward. She's playing hard to get. She's using the other guys as a jelousy plotlines. She's trying to get you to push forward by saying if you don't come get this someone else will. If I could email you I would send you some articles to send you in the right direction. Plus I have some texts I could send you that you can use to turn up the volume.

    • Her dating another guy, and me asking her out is playing hard to get? I think thats more of her finding someone else and me needing to move on. I asked her out, and she said no. I asked her out again, notta. I need to move on, not be an "Alpha Male" and steal a girl from someone else. I have enough respect for myself as well, not just be a dick to get things done.

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    • "He asked her out and she said no" Dude! She's practically slapping you in the face to get your attention. She is running a jelousy plotlines on you. She is basically saying if you don't come get this you are going to loose out because I'm a hot item and other guys are chasing me. A girl talking about their BOY FRIEND or about guys THEY like is a way a girl is telling you piss off. A girl that flirts with you and talks about guys chasing and flirting with the them is equal to them saying I'm interested and your not moving fast enough. If you take everything logical and literal with women then you will stay single for a long time. Don't listen to what they say. Figure out what they mean behind what they say.

    • Your a back up plan because your deciding too. She wants you to step up.

  • Stop being a feminist

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