Why would a guy invest a month and a half of blind talking and meeting someone (me), if he's not lookin anything serious?

I met this guy on bumble while I was not in the city. After a month and a half of talking almost every day, flirting from once in a while, sharing songs to make my day, we finally met. We went for a coffee and walked around. Afterwards, he sent me a text saying that he was glad to meet me. Three days later we met, and then I went to the airport to catch a flight. When we met, I had such a great time. It was one of those dates that you don't want to leave. Weirdest person I know. After that, he texted me again. And he was nice. When I came back, we hung out one last time. We went bar hopping on a Tuesday. We had such random conversations of the paintings of naked on the wall. And then, when we went to a bar, where the music could kill our ears because it was super bad, we tried to improve the view by moving a lamp from one side to the other. We pretended to be chilling while the bartender saw us. He hugged me. And spontaneously he kissed me, and it was like two divorced souls were finally meeting again. We left the bar to his place and we lost ourselves in the undeniable desire of being with each other. Afterwards, he was just really distant and he didn't text me anything sweet like the other times. The next days that I wanted to hang out with him, he couldn't. And when he invited to hang out, he just disappeared. And slowly, this thing we built just started fading out. He wasn't the same. Neither was I. The next week he became sweet and wanted to see me. But he stood me up a couple of times. And, when I finally complained he thought I was asking for a relationship. He made a drama out of him not wanting to hurt me. The best choice for him was to part ways. I learned to like him, and I saw potential in him. But he wasn't looking for anything serious. After two months of talking to him, I don't know why he reacted like this. Why did he act like he liked me and then after sex he stepped back? Why investing that much time on someone, if you don't want anything but sex?&


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  • Thats Same As Says... He Is NOT Intrerested in you Anymore... HE GOt Wht He Wanted From You... :(


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