Girls, why would you act shy, cold and distant to a guy after the date?

In short there is a girl I work with who I become very good friends. She seemed flirty, laughed at my jokes, got into my personal space, made eye contact and talked about our personal lives together. She is generally a friendly person. Later on I got the courage to ask her on a date to go bowling and get an ice cream and she accepted. We went, seemed to have a good time, and even though my car broke down, we enjoyed ourselves. She even sent me a message that night thanking me for the adventurous time and that she would see me at work on Saturday with a doctor pepper, because I won a bet. She also said she was impressed with how calmly I handled the car situation. However she now acts aloof, shy and seems distant towards me, almost like she is avoiding me. This confuses me because she was so flirty and fun with me before. Like I said earlier she is friendly with everybody, but she is acting weird toward me. I know she doesn't hate me. Should I just move on and assume she doesn't like me? I still however value our friendship and if all else fails don't want to lose that either. What should I do? Why would a girl act this way?


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  • if something awkward happened, or if a guy made me feel insecure I would probably start acting like that..

    • And that's what I thought, however nothing awkward happened in my eyes. I acted like a gentleman, listened to her, and asked her more about herself and we got along really well. That's what is so frustrating.

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    • I haven't tried talking to her, because I don't want to seem clingy or needy. I am just playing it cool with her. Should I approach her?

    • yeah, I think you should.