Am I dealing with a bad boy?

So there's this guy I'm I really really like named Luke, he's 20 and I'm 18. He's tall and has an athletic type body with these sexy green eyes and dark brown hair that I just love to run my fingers through. The thing is he was arrested for possession of marijuana and now he's on probation but that doesn't seem to stop him. I tell him how I worry about him smoking weed cause if he gets caught he's going to jail but he just tells me not to worry and he still dose it. Also the other day I found out he sold some weed. That's just one thing the other thing is he's really cocky and I mean I can't blame him he's super hot and he'll get dominat with me and he's a little bit of a dick but for some reason that turns me on. Also he's never been in a committed relationship before and I know all about the one night stands he's had but he tells me that he's ready now for a serious relationship with me. Am I dealing with a bad boy and should I trust him?


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  • If you are using the word bad in its original contextual purpose, as "not good" then the answer is yes.

    A boy for sure, bad at just "being". You want real dominant man, most women do, its only natural, but a real dominant man is honest, no need to lie to anyone if he is actually dominant he wouldn't need to play games. Sure a guy can be dominant with a woman in the way you describe 90 percent or more could... you're being fooled.

  • If you like him and he likes you go with the flow!


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  • No your dealing with a child!

    • You beat me to it!

    • @SuitAndTie He a child. And I thought I was a big kid. I guess at least I am responsible lol (: A child but I try my best at school (:

    • @Asker you seem be a bit immature. Like sure your into this sex thing but what happens when you too have kids or live together? Like this dude gonna get you arrested. I could never be with some addict or a slacker. haha I am already a slacker with my problems of my own. I don't think I deserve crazy lol I already have enough. But at least I admit and try my best to cope with my life. (: Girl don't date. Learn to be happy with yourself. Learn to appericate yourself and than with common sense use your brain not your vagina and find someone that has his life together. (: Just saying.

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