Is this love or just fear of being alone?

I dated a guy for 10 months and he was amazing. I never felt what I felt with him with anyone. He wasn't at all how I imagined the perfect guy would be... he was even better because he was different. I felt like I could do anything with him by my side, but then I moved to another continent and we couldn't talk as much, we couldn't see each other and suddenly I started telling him that it wasn't going to work out, that we were going to break up... I'd focus on my needs more than his. For example when we couldn't talk because he had too much work, I'd get mad and tell him this wasn't working out... but love is supposed to be about making the other person happy and sacrificing your needs for the needs of that person, right? We ended up breaking up - we both sort of agreed while saying we'd love to be together if we were in the same place... but I just feel like talking to him every day. I don't want to do that because I think that won't let him move on and I need to focus on his needs for a change. But then maybe that means I do love him, right? I don't know... this whole thing is such a mess. Lately I've been wondering if maybe I'm just holding on because I don't want to realize that I'm alone in a different continent and without him. That I said that we would break up so many times because I was already kind of alone. Does it make sense?


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  • My take is that you love him but not as much as he loves you... which you already know. You could both agree to see others and move on with your lives until maybe you meet in person again. Don't use him for emotional support all the time tho. It's not fair.


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