His behavior is so up and down, a year later What to do?

So I've known this guy I'm dating now for a little over three years. The story between us is he always had a crush on me and wanted me for the longest but I never entertained him because I didn't know his motive being as though he's very known in our hometown. I flew out to another state for work and he sent me a message through social media telling me he's flying out and hopefully we can link up. Mind you I didn't know him never even seen him in person. Fast forward I never seen him when he flew out, until I finally came back home and seen him out at an event. We exchanged number and instantly we clicked. It was so crazy how many thing we had in common. Months went pass feelings mutually grew strings for each other and he popped the "boyfriend question" at the moment I was uncertain about being in a relationship reason being I never been in one. Months passed again he told me he's starting to fall in love with me. After that we really started to become serious about one another. I decided I wanted to lose my virginty to him, and after that I became more in love and vulnerable to him and was ready for a relationship (backwards a little right) anyway the day I planned to bring up the relationship topic I noticed I haven't heard from him and how he wasn't responding to my calls or texts. I was concerned because a couple days passed and I didn't hear from him. Finally he called me sounding really depressed and told me he had to file for bankruptcy for his business and how he just feels like a failure now. At this time I was doing everything in my powers to be as supportive as possible. This happened last spring.

Here now spring is approaching again and although he's doing whatever he had to do to maintain I don't feel like our relationship is how it was before. I mean we still love each other but as far as texting all day everyday FaceTiming going out all the time taking rides for ice cream and just to cruise the city... that stuff doesn't happen a


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