Class and dating? Does it matter?

So I want to know if people think people from different classes or people who come from more than others can date. I'm told people are intimidated by me because my dad has a lot. I don't try to come across in a bad way but my friend says guys are intimidated because they don't think they can provide me with the lifestyle that my dad has and I don't understand it. I've never been about dating people for wealth and I would like to hear perspectives as to this. Like does class really matter?


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  • Many people are judged by their wealth. Poor people are seen as uneducated and "ghetto", while rich people are seen as snobby and full of themselves. People don't like that, so if you're rich, they may think you're like that.
    Also, some guys may think you won't want a guy that has less money than you, cause you need to keep certain lifestyle, certain "needs" that only someone rich can provide.
    Other guys may be intimidated and just don't want a woman that has more money than them.

    Tbh, I would be wary of dating a rich girl cause I'd feel pressure from the family to be rich too and to give you what they gave you. Also I'd be worried that you may not want anything to do with a guy that has less money cause you don't see me as "enough".

    • well for me its like people either want to date me for the wrong reasons like appearance or money and i am continuously getting used by people, and its very hard to find someone when you're not in school or working like meeting people, i can't seem to be able to find someone who would be considered "Rich"
      its like i can't date anyone

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  • There are male gold diggers too. If you date a guy from a poorer socioeconomic class than you, you run the risk of having him try to use you as his sugar mama. I've seen it happen before and have experienced it. I've had a guy tell me that since I have more money than him that I should pay for things. And I don't mean going Dutch, or occasional paying for a date but this guy would ask me for money like I was his mom giving out an allowance. I find that guys from lower socioeconomic classes tend to look at richer women for a "come up" they see dollar signs. So honestly I would just date a guy who had the same amount as money as me or more, but not less.

    • isn't it difficult to find a man who has something equivalent to you? im having major difficulty, but i see what you mean considering i was in a relationship with someone who had significantly less than me and wanted me to pay for everything

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    • and people who didn't move out here for hollywood, there aren't many people who are from la which is what i want

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  • It should not matter, but as a guy that can be a bit intimidating if your dad makes a significant amount because the assumption is that your dad may perceive the guy to be less or unable to provide if your partner makes less

  • It shouldn't


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