He has a girlfriend, but does he likes me?

I am 18 and there is this guy at my office that I like and he is very nice. He is always trying to talk with me or have lunch with me, sometimes he leaves cupcakes at my table and always do me favors.
I was thinking in talking with him outside the office but now someone told me that he has a girlfriend (a girl told me this) so is probably that he is just very nice but just wants my friendship?

He is 20.


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  • Could be or just really friendly do you also think he's Attractive?


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  • Hmm I've been in a similar situation with a guy like that. It could be that he is just very nice, or maybe he's just very flirty. But don't call him out on it because he'll just turn it around on you and say that he's just being nice.

    I think you should avoid being flirty or anything with him, just stick to being friends. Don't try anything other than being friendly. Because guys who flirt with girls that already have girlfriends, well they're just bad news.
    Lets say he wanted to date you and he did. Who's saying he won't try out what he did with you on another girl?

    Hope this helps <3