Should I move to a different city in order to meet women?

I'm a Mexican guy living in the Midwest. While I enjoy living in the Midwest for the most part, I think when it comes to dating I'm at a bit of a disadvantage. I just don't seem to connect with the women around here. Most of the women in my community are white, and for the most part they stick to white men or date black men. I've gone to parties, bars, clubs, and nothing has really come of it. I've never been in a situation where mutual interest was shared between me and a local female. I don't feel this is the best place for me to meet women.

I think if I moved somewhere like Houston or Los Angeles I might be able to find more Hispanic women that I can connect with, because at least we'd share a similar culture to start.

Will moving to an area with a higher Mexican/hispanic population be beneficial to my situation?


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  • I think that's a good idea. I put myself in your shoes. I am a black woman and if I lived somewhere like Buttfuck, Idaho I would move to a place that had a higher black population

    Part of the reason why a lot of people choose an area to live is demographics It is important. Plus if you have kids you don't want them growing up in an area where they feel excluded or inferior Bc of their ethnicity


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  • If you are making a decent living there, have friends and family there and have no desire to move other than to meet women I think it's a mistake and you should stay put and be patient.