How do I get a girlfriend?

21 and never had a girlfriend? You're such a loser! Well that aside, for the longest time I just never really tried. I live in a small town almost out side of city limits so pretty much in solitude. I lived here my whole life and I just never talked with anyone except in high school. But after I dropped out (Dumb move on my part) I stopped talking to anyone. Well now I'm 21, virgin, never had a girlfriend and I'm feeling pretty damn lonely. I tried going on a dating site because I was afraid of getting rejected face to face. And so far no woman even bothers to reply. So now I'm at the “I don't give a fuck” stage where I'm just not afraid of rejection anymore because of how much I've been ignored already. I had girls in school take advantage of me in the past (even though it was my fault for falling for it) where they flirt with me and get me to do stuff for them. But once I get up enough hope to tell them I like them, they just replied with “Oh. That's cool I guess.” Then go off to date with the real guy they like. And now I just don't know what the hell to do. I'm socially awkward and I really hate the whole flirting thing. I just want to ask each other questions, find out if we like a lot of the same things and then try out a relationship. No games or wasting time. But from what I've experienced, most girls like a guy to flirt and play games for a little bit. Which I don't know how to do. Then I also hear that women REALLY don't like it when a random guy comes up to them and tries to start a conversation. So again, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to get things started. Girls, please help.

-I'm nerdy.
-I like anime/manga
-play video games here and there.
-like seeing new places even though I might not want to go at first.
-I like camping and going out in the “wild”.
-I like shooting and want to try hunting.
-I love talking about life and every simple yet complicated th


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  • You sound like an amazing guy, don't ever change yourself. The right girl will come along. Maybe try looking for a girl at a place where you hangout most often? If a girl is worth your time she won't play games and she'll treat you right. Don't be afraid of going up to a girl and straight out asking for her number and if she wants to go for a coffee and talk from there.

    • You sure? I hear a lot of women complain about the non stop amount of guys trying to ask them out, so they end up just ignoring every guy that comes their way. So it's kinda hard to just go up to them, you know?

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    • The story where she wants to have a baby

    • Ah. I see.

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