Are you friendless and single, can you relate to this article?

While I don't condone murder, everything else I can fully relate to in this article. You can try your best to stay busy and move on in life, but ultimately being alone and friendless is going to get to you sooner or later, it's not human nature to be alone all your life!

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  • No. There have been people that are extremely lonely since society began. It has never been an excuse snd never will be. If everybody who felt like that went out and killed, we'd be doomed. It's more than just being lonely, you also gotta be fucked in the head. Normal people, no matter how lonely don't want to go out and kill.

    • The article doesn't mention it, but some drugs for depression can cause suicudal thoughts or change a persons behavior drastically, though rare, it can happen, and I wonder if that could explain his sudden change?

    • Yea, I've heard of those. There was one in particular that was on the news for a while because it was especially dangerous to adolescents but was still being prescribed to them. Killing others is different though. Killing yourself, you're obviously not thinking rationally at the time even if you think you are, but to be able to look at somebody and take their life is a big thing... Definitely not thinking normally at all if you can look in somebodys face and decide to kill them.
      I don't think drugs for depression changing behavior is that rare either. I think most of them can even be bad for people. Anybody I've known to take drugs for things like depression or anxiety has just got steadily worse compared to ones who get other help and learn to deal with things over time. Other help can be harder, it's always easier to just medicate somebody and walk away, but it's not always for the best.

    • I agree with the last part, taking meds may seem like a quick fix but often it's not so simple or has other consequences. Not worth it to be drugged.

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  • It isn't human nature to be alone all of your life. Everyone needs to feel loved and cared about. We all need a friend at times too

    That guy in the article obviously had underlying issues that no one was aware of. His problems were probably so deep -rooted and over long-term. Although it's" normal" to want to be surrounded by people who love you.. lonliness can have a detrimental impact on a person's life, but it's not " normal" behaviour to murder people because you feel alone and rejected.

    • Murder isn't normal, but severe depression could trigger bad thoughts, I suffer from that and let me tell you I once came close to doing myself in, it can get very serious. I know if I had people to talk to I wouldn't think about bad thoughts, I would just talk it out with someone.

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    • Long term issues doesn't mean your crazy or evil though. In my case it's been lack of support from family and lack of friends. Others it could stem from anything like abuse, illness, death of family member, etc... My point, being depressed should not be a reason for people to reject you as friends.

    • NO of course not, but long-term issues can have a huge impact on decisions that you make. One incident doesn't make a person just "snap"one day. There's always underlying reasons

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