I've been crying for two days/so confused?

I'm friends with this guy and I like him a lot and I thought he liked me. We playfully tease each other and have playful fake fights on occasion, I was the first person he came to see when he got back to the dorms after break and he gave me a hug and everything, he used to always ask me if I was going to events he was (he hasn't lately), but last month I told him about a restaurant on the beach and he said "We should go there sometime" (never happened even though I agreed... I thought maybe it was because the beach is like 3 hrs away and we work a ton but who even knows), he sticks up for me when my friends say crap about my opinions, and he tells me to have a good day at work. We've been a little more touchy lately (like hugs, not anything more) and now every time I get really excited about something he laughs a little and smiles and shakes his head like its cute or something.

But then there's some hot blonde he met in class and I don't even know but the last two days he posted Instagram pics of her and I saw him talking to her and some other friend yesterday and she looked like she was getting flirty and I hate myself for not going over and interrupting. He didn't seem to be flirting at all but he gave her a nickname on Instagram and he hung out with her today I think... I haven't talked to him since the weekend because I don't even have his number (I feel awkward asking for people's numbers and I think he does too since we're both on the shy side). But she's pretty and blonde and outgoing and I'm just... there. Obviously he's gonna pick her but it breaks my heart. I care about him a lot, probably more than she ever will and I've literally been in tears about this.

How can I stop being so upset about this and what should I do? I can't tell him I like him because it's gonna make things worse because either he'll like me but the other girl will still be in the picture or he'll say he likes her and it'll ruin our friendship


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  • The only thing I can suggest to not be so upset, is to remember that it was just a nickname and maybe they hung out. Not a big deal.. Neither of you have outright said your feelings for each other so just play it kool for now,


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  • So he friend zoned you awhile it go. Friends hug each other all time and laugh at your jokes. Body language would be slightly more seductive. When a guys likes a woman he will definitely pursue her. And based of what you're saying about him he seems like an outgoing guy. Don't fret over him. Don't let a guy make you feel like you aren't Enough. Have confidence in yourself, she might be a blonde but I'm sure you are beautiful as well and have amazing qualities she lack. And an amazing guy will see how amazing you are. But you have to see that for yourself. You still want to remain friends then don't tell him and give yourself time to heal, distance yourself from him.

    • He's not outgoing. The first time I met him our other friends left us alone for some reason and we literally both sat there awkwardly playing on our phones. Later on we bonded because we both hate parties but somehow get dragged to them so we're literally the people who don't talk to anyone and most of his friends were made through either other friends or because they were outgoing. But I feel like a crappy friend because I'm not even happy for him if he is gonna have a girlfriend soon. I hate her already and I want to send her to some far away place so she can't be near him and I won't be nice to her if I meet her which I know will ruin things more. I don't even know if he should be my friend because I'll always care about him but I can't deal with him being close with another girl romantically

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    • Yeah that sounds good:) I hope he listens because he's really stubborn.

    • He might have to learn the hard way, or you two can test her to see if she is a slut.

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