Did she mean next week as in during the week? or next Sunday?

We see each other regularly on Sunday. I asked her to confirm the time this week, she told me she is busy this Sunday and asked if she should do something next week?

In the past she would say shall we do something DURING the week. then she will see me agian on Sunday.

I'm not sure if she mean she wants to skip seeing me all together or what?

  • During the week like in the past, to make up for the missed Sunday
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  • Next Sunday so she wants to skip seeing you this week
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Called her and she meant Monday. She could have say the day after LOL


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  • I'm guessing during the week, as it sounded like she wants to make a rain check instead of skipping.

    Just tell her which day during the week works for you and see what she says


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  • Most Likely "B" for Baring in Mind that things are as Usual.
    However, it would not hurt to ask her 'Next week' just what she has in Mind this Time.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • I would say next Sunday just based on usually seeing each other on that day. I would just ask her what she meant in a text.

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