I cannot believe it! Can you give me an insight?

Saturday night: Texted me that a guy he used to like is after her. She wasn't sure of her feelings, so acted aloof and asked her what she wanted.
Sunday-valentines day: We got out, we made out for the first time.
Monday: She got jealous of a girl who commented on my Fb picture
Tuesday: He told me that she wants to give the other guy a chance and she is doing somethinf wring with him!
What is going on?


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  • She's playing the field and keeping her options open. She's not interested in settling with one guy and wants to date around.

    • do you get jealous if you are not interested?

    • I personally don't but I do know some girls get jealous when they don't get attention even if it's from a guy they don't have feelings for.

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