I'm sure that we're actually dating but he always call our dates as "meet-ups". How can I help him to be more brave with his feelings?

OK so I know this guy for nearly 3 months and we have been "hanging out" for 2 months and a half. We see each other once every week when we're both in town. I'm sure that we are dating because just the two of us go out at the evening (most of the time) together. Who the hell wants to go out with a new friend from the opposite gender that regularly? But whenever he wants to see me and ask me out he always says: Wanna meet up? I read a lot about the confusion between "hang out" and "date", the problem is many guys are afraid to be true with their feelings, and also "hang out" requires less commitments. I just want him to confirm whether we're dating or we are just friends. Because I don't wanna waste my time and his as well if the relationship won't go anywhere!


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  • It has Only been ''3 months' and hopefully still counting here, dear, so for Now, go slow with Joe's flow. He may Not be Ready as a Steady Eddy, and with you Both nursing and Nurturing something Special to Start, Time is your Best from the Rest.
    Rome was not Built in a day and neither was a Good Relationship. For the time being, allow him to title this as "Hanging out" for what He means it to mean because Later.. he could slap another title of "MY girlfriend."
    If you see 3 more Months have passed you by and still no Try, Face him down with a Frown and a More Explicit Way so you Know what Exactly is going On... That day.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the Like, sweetie. xx

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    • Sure, sweetie, happy to answer, just came back on.
      It's hard to set a "Deadline" in any date for a mate. It would be Best for you Yourself to decide if you would find him "Worth waiting for" or if you are Not patient enough and want More to just give him his walking papers.. in 6 months, you will know which ONE. And of course, with time by then, a lot can change with even him. xx

    • You know what, I asked him and he said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship! Easy for both of us, and I decided to cut him loose! Because he wasn't ready mean he might never ready for a relationship WITH ME, or simply he's just not into me!

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  • Don't ruin it yet by being pushy

    You don't like when guys are pushy are sex right? Well don't be pushy about dating. It will be clear when the time is right and you'll know if you guys are dating or not. Right now it's what it is and let it be, he's taking his time

  • ask him,

    "are we dating?"

    if he hesitates to answer then respond quick with,

    "because I'd like that"


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  • Have you guys gotten physical? If you're expecting him to be formal about a date with you, it's probably not going to happen. On most of my dates, the guy didn't say, "Would you like to go on a date?" it was more casually stated.

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