How do I get over this?

I can't bottle this in any longer, i honestly have no clue how to get over this crush that i've had since LAST feb!
Ok. This is a LONG story!
Ok so last February I met this boy online,
so hot.
SOOO hot. I would message him a lot, however the problem was that he lived in America,
he knew i liked him and said how can i have a crush on someone who is across the ocean?
so i assumed that meant he did not like me, and i denied that i had a crush on him and that i just saw him as a good friend.
looking back on it i see small signs he was beginning to like me.
He would often ask to Skype me quite a lot, one time he said to me while skyping "I wish you had an xbox so we could play together"
and then i on steam i got this game he liked,
and he said he was going to help me with it,
he also said he thought my British accent was adorable!
But, i also began to like his brother a little too and one day i decided to send his brother this picture of me as a pixie, and his brother as an elf.
For some reason, that day, the original crush blocked me.
He didn't even say why or anything at all he just blocked me. He blocked me last may,
and i still think about him and when i think about him, my heart aches and i miss him. I had a dream about him the other day.
He was so cool
He also began to flirt with me a little sometimes and began liking my instagram pics, and randomly send some snapchats. One time he told he would flirt with girls in german, and one time he sent me a pic of him saying something to me in german, but i didn't know what it mean..,.
how can i get over this? I have a big fear of messaging him again, even tho i could...
but i am too scared... how can i get over him?


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  • well he blocked you because you sent a pic to his bro and he probably figured you were being flirtatious with him. i think it was clear that he was into you and the only drawback was that you two lived in two countries

    how do you get over this? just move forward with life right? however if you like him as much as you seem to suggest i think you could tell him. however, the only issue you have to factor in is that he still lives across the sea. so it's goign to be a LDR. but nonetheless you could reach out to him to just open the lines of communication

    • It's been months, it would be pointless now.

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    • well you said he blocked you... excuse me

      well if you think it's pointless to message him than get over him but just closing the book on that chapter. start looking at other guys.

    • sorry that was my mistake,
      i don't know how to get over him... i feel it is hopeless.

  • obvious why he blocked you. rather impulsive one isn't he lol.

    you really wanna get over him? go after his brother :P


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