Don't like being pursued?

Normal girls like the guy asking her on dates, taking initiative and pursuing her. I just realized I don't like it, it turns me off. Is something wrong with me?


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  • Maybe you don't like it when a stranger comes out of nowhere and tries to pick you up.

    When developing a friendship/familiarity first, it's much more appealing to most people to make a move then. A lot of girls prefer it this way.

    I've grown to embrace it, because almost all cold approaches end up being a waste of time and effort, whereas actually befriending her gives a better perspective on whether or not she's the right personality for me.

    • Maybe you're right, I prefer to ease into things and have the person just be really chill about things and not ask me out officially on the spot. Perhaps ask to hangout, but not make it an official date unless we both like eachother enough

    • Exactly. If the two people click, attraction builds and the moment becomes that much sweeter.

What Girls Said 2

  • I feel you.
    I hate it when men check me out.
    I absolutely hate it.
    I remember when I was 14 and in my class this 16 year old guy was checking me out and whispering to his friends about my body; talking about my ass, etc. I use to wear loose jeans but long fitted sweaters and shirts. I thought it was modest but apparently they still stared.
    Caught this one guy staring at my ass when I stood up to talk to the teacher. Everytime I got up ID walk backwards because I felt so embarrassed.
    I caught my guy friend starin at my boobs once.
    I dress now in really loose clothing. I hate it because the thought of a man staring at my body is revolting. I don't want some random stranger to do that.
    Other women dress up to catch attention and I dress up not to.

    • I don't mind being checked out at all. I was saying asking me out over and over lol

    • Oh I guess that's where we differentiate.
      I don't mind someone asking me out.

  • I do but I won't mind doing some chasing too ;)