Do guys think it's desperate of a girl to ask them out even though he cancelled previous date?

I met this guy bout a month ago and we chatted for a while on phone and text. We met up and hit it off brilliantly. By the end of the following week we had arranged a second date but it never happened as he got annoyed over something that was said. We continued to text and I kept things light hearted, laughing and joking, general flirting. Then we decided to meet again but again he said he got annoyed over something I had said in a text. I know he seems very tempermental and unpredictable in his moods but I really like him and I'm intrigued to get to know him more. I want to ask him out again but will this seem determined and strong or desperate and sad?


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  • No Lol only girls think that

    • lol so do u think I should ask him out or do you think he's really not interested? He has told me he was really into me and really liked me when we arranged before to meet but now its me making the contact with him... really confused girl here lol

    • People say you come off as 'easy' if you do that, that might be correct... I can't speak for other guys, but u like straightforward girls.

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