What does a guy expect after going for a drink?

I'm 22 and completely inexperienced with dating, sex and relationships. I spoke to this guy once at a party after vaguely knowing each through friends for about a year. He got my number and has asked to go for a drink. Is this the 2016 version of an actual date? I know he was casual with an older woman last year, is he going to expect sex, just a kiss, other stuff or nothing?


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  • I would think it's kinda of a feeling out moment to see if you two can make it to an actual date by a no strings attached casual sit down with drinks.

    • I think you're probably right, its just so ambiguous it makes me a bit nervous that 'drinks' = sex.

  • I don't now, I never really lived that lifestyle, I was either in a relationship during my twenties or drinking to forget Iraq an accident or two or my kids, ended up fighting or waking up on the street or home alone. It seems like it though, people are fast today, its kind of disgusting to be honest.

    • I wish people weren't that fast. One of my friends jumped straight into a sexual relationship with her partner within a day, that's my only frame of reference at the moment so it's good to hear other peoples opinions.

    • I jumped back into the dating world at 27 years old after deployments and then a seven year relationship. It was a shocker, the pond has either dried up or is so insane that it makes me look like Mr. Normal McCool Swagger, and the women are as fast and as desperate as the men... to have standards might as well mean "you are know officially celibate until the age of 42 or death"

    • I know what you - many of the single guys I meet at the moment are single for a reason so it's nice to meet a guy who actually seems normal!

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  • Oh no, why do people agree to go on dates to bars?

    The bar date: alcohol, inhibited ambitions and a loud atmosphere that limits potential conversation. I'm not saying he's a sleaze who is trying to get you drunk, maybe it's normal for people to go to bars on first dates, but he definitely didn't pick a great destination. It could be that he prefers that kind of laid back atmosphere or he wants to keep things casual. Either way, on a first date you are expected to do NOTHING, even if he tries to tell you otherwise because it is up to YOU what you do, not him.

    If you decide to go, my advice is to not get drunk and buy your own drinks, for safety purposes.

    • Thanks for your help! I definitely trust him - he's a friend of my friends so I know they'd kick his ass if he tried anything dodgy. I'm more worried I'll do something wrong! I don't want to do anything yet just find out if I actually like him enough to see him again but if it's typical for 'drinks' to mean more then I don't want to be caught by surprise or scare him off.

    • No worries most of the time it doesn't unless the dude is shady. I just suggest that if you go, either don't drink or drink little because it helps you focus on the conversation

    • I'll only drink a little and see how it goes - I appreciate the tips!

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