What's wrong with my guy preference?

I am 16 but I kinda like cute guys with flawless skin. I have more reasons for it. My boyfriend used to look exactly like that but he is 19 now he has wrinkles now and stubble. My skin is sensitive and it really irritates my skin, because my skin is too sensitive and its red for about day. I tried to use creams but it doesn't help so much. I told him to shave or at least be more gentle but he does not listen to me. He is about 30 cm higher than me, so we are struggling with it. I still love him but but he is drinking so much and smell bad. I am worried that I become less interested in him and I don't find him so attractive anymore and I still prefer guys around my height and with soft skin. I don't know if that is normal for my age but I am worried when I will be for example 25 I won't find this type of guy anymore.


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  • You're 16, you'll know who you prefer soon enough. You don't need to worry now.


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