Wtf is his deal?

This guy that I've been hooking up with/talking to for about 4 months now called me and asked me to hangout the other night, I said I wasn't sure because "what we are" is confusing and he told me that I was a great girl and he found me attractive blahblahblah. The conversation was short because I had to get off the phone and I said that I would call him and get back to him on if I was going over to his place or not. He instantly texted me after we hung up saying that I was fucking with him because he was acting like an asshole and that I wanted to get back at him for treating me the wrong way sometimes, I said that's not true and that I told him why I was acting distant and that we could talk about it later. I ended up going over to his house because he wanted to lay together and sleep and so we cuddled, had sex, cuddled more and I spent the night for the first time and everything went great, I left around noon time the next day because I had a lot of things to do and he had work later. Later that night I texted him to tell him exactly how I felt about our situation saying that I have feelings for him and that I'm not in a hurry for a relationship with him but that I would be interested in taking that next step with him if that's what he wanted also but if he didn't I said that I respect that and that I wouldn't mind just continuing to hook up. I told him that since he's really busy with work he can text me when he can. This was on Tuesday and it's now Friday night. He's had all of Thursday off and he has Friday off as well so I don't know what is going on. Why is he ignoring me?


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  • Why do you girls allow guys to use you and then complain?

    • I didn't allow anyone to use me. If I did, I was using them back anyhow.

    • I'm not attacking you. I'm saying a guy would only treat a woman the way she allows him to treat her. You have all the power use it to your advantage.

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