Great first date. Then... crickets. What's the deal?

I went on a date with a guy I connected with online less than a week ago. We "hit it off" text-wise and finally met in person; things got more relaxed between us as the night progressed and we ended up chillin for about 5 hours. He ended the night with a kiss then a text asking if I'd reached home alright. I got another text in the morning saying hey it's Friday, your favorite day at work. I responded about a half hour later and haven't heard since.

Any idea what the deal is? Is this something guys normally do to gauge whether the girl is gonna be cool or crazy? Or is this a sure sign he isn't into me.



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  • So it has been what? Half a day?

    If so, no cause for alarm yet. You're not allowed to panic for 36 hours, at which point my advice would be to shrug and move on, for he be not-eth that into thee.

    • You could wait 24 hours and send another, totally unrelated text, asking if he saw (last night's episode of TV show) or ("I like Saturday even more,") see if he replies. I wouldn't say anything like "hey, no reply, what gives?" etc. due to appearing clingy and desperate.

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    • You're quite welcome. I would focus on something else for a while. Getting worked up over this is dangerous, right? He'll either contact you, or he won't. Either way you will be okay. You seem pleasant enough to "text" with. I can't imagine why he might be holding back now. :)

    • haha thanks. and you're right it is silly to get worked up over this. I guess it's just the anticlimactic aftermath that makes everything feel so meh. also you can't be 20; you seem too mature (a great thing by the way :)).

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