How to help build my Girlfriends confidence?

My main question I guess is can I and how?

She really is an amazing girl. She's funny, patient, sweet, kind and has a huge heart. Not to mention she looks like a model.

I always tell her how pretty she looks and that I love her so much. Is there any more I can do?

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  • You can't. People can only walk their own path themselves. All you can do is assist and support - which also involves not constantly coddling her fragile self-esteem, but also use occasional criticism.

    • Can you explain a little more about what you mean by coddling her self esteem? And what type of criticism would be appropriate?

    • Well, first of all if you constantly tell her how beautiful she is - it will became a habit that infront of you she will downplay her expecting you to lift her up. Pretty sure it is happening on some level already.

      Criticism means if she is overdoing it - you call her out on it. If she is making unnecessary drama, you call her out on it. Obviously not in a harsh way, in a calm and collected - but assertive and decisive way.

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  • I think she knows that you like how she looks but she isn't sure about everyone else. Maybe you could get your guy friends to help out. Like maybe get her to overhear you guys talking about how beautiful she is. She will hear that and then think that maybe more people think she is really great and will build her confidence.

    • She's actually a performer so she is used to having lots of guys and girls tell her how good she is.

  • No there is nothing more you can do.