Have you ever been sad when you were the one to end a relationship and not the other way around and you missed them?

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  • Im seriously in that position right now :(


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  • The only time I'm not sad is when the relationship went on way longer than it should. I mean I don't cut the cord too soon but even if I'm sure it still kind of makes me sad for a little while. But that passes and then you remember the way things actually were and that it had to go.


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  • Yes... i loved her with all of my heart. But i couldn't be with a cheater and a lair. So i ended it. :'(

  • Yes of course

    • Ugh I miss this guy so much but I know it's irrational :/ I got so attached like damn, it's healthier for me that I closed that chapter but I find myself looking at what we had and the good parts of it. So difficult because my needs weren't being met and I had to end it. But I miss him, and I wonder if he misses me too.

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